Cookies Policy

What is a cookie?

Cookies are little text files, with a small amount of data, that help us to deliver the best user experience on this site. This policy describes the categories of cookies that we use. Cookies may be sent to your browser when you visit our website. They are stored by your web browser on your device.

Kinds of cookies used

Category Description Used
Preferences In these cookies are stored information that characterize the general site behavior. The language used or the font size displayed.
Session In this cookie are stored information about the interaction with the site. The stored data refer to the browser, the pages viewed or error messages generated during the page view.
Analytics These data are stored for construction of site usage statistics. Not collect personal information that can identify you, The site uses Google Analytics and collects data for the IP addresses associated.
Security These cookies are used for user authentication. At present there are restricted areas. It will be used when they are online personalized services for users.
Advertising These cookies are used to store the feedback of advertising and objects viewed on the sites of e-commerce. does not advertise.
Processes These cookies involved in the supply of services that visitors wish to take advantage

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